Monday, February 10, 2014

Carlie's 21 month update

Carlie is now 1-3/4 years old! I can't believe our little surprise miracle will soon be two! How in the world is that even possible? These days, Carlie's talking up a storm. We came up with a list of about 100 words and phrases that she says (mostly recognizably, though sometimes Mama is the only one who understands her) and she continues to amaze us with her displays of what she understands. Carlie can correctly name all of her colors (though she once in a while mixes up yellow and blue for some reason) and most of her shapes. She's really awesome at sorting activities, which was a total surprise one day when I went over to help her do a puff-ball sorting activity that I had set up for her & lo and behold, she had finished it herself! Carlie is in the early stages of learning to spell her name (when asked to spell her name, she says, "C-A, mama!"), but if you ask her what her name is, she'll tell you Bubba Scholl, which is her translation of Carlie ISABELLA Scholl. What a little nut! Mama was also really proud when a fellow mama at story time (whom I later found out was a speech pathologist) noted how verbal Carlie is and how well she communicates!

Carlie has grown 1.5 inches since her last update, making her about 33" tall & she weighs about 25 pounds (up 1 pound, so she's thinning out a bit!). She is mostly wearing 24month-2T clothes, size 5 shoes, & she just graduated to size 4 diapers. She still LOVES to eat and really is not very particular, though truth be told, she doesn't really like sandwiches and will likely just eat the filling out of it when served one!

Carlie is obsessed with everything that has anything to do with kitties. She will excitedly jump and exclaim, "Rawr-Rawr!" anytime she sees a cat in a book, on a show, or even on clothing. In fact, when we went to pick her up from the play room at church recently, she had two kitty toys, one in each hand - and the time before, she had the helper read her the same cat story over and over again. The girl loves her cats!

Car-Car also loves to look at books. She's perfectly content to sit on the floor and search for "Rawr-Rawrs" on her own, but she also loves to be read to. Her favorite stories right now are "NuNu Rhymes" (Nursery Rhymes), "BED" (Ten in the Bed - she loves to sing the 'Roll over' part) and "Dumpy Doo" (Humpty Dumpty). Besides her "Marie RawrRawr," Carlie's other favorite toys these days are "DooDoo" (Dory) and the dollhouse. She loves to put all of the play characters down for naps.

Haddy and Carlie are currently obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack & can be heard quoting and singing it randomly while playing (as you will see in the video below). It's pretty funny to hear Carlie spout off, "Go away, Anna!" and singing her rendition of "Let it Go" complete with hand motions and dreamy stares into the sky!

Another new development with Carlie recently has been CLIMBING! Carlie loves to climb on everything now - up on the bar stools around the kitchen island, up onto the ottoman (where she then likes to jump!), up into her high chair by herself, onto Haddy's bed to jump (which resulted in a broken bed when they both joined in on that together!), up and down the stairs - you name it, she'll climb it!

Our baby's not so baby anymore!

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