Saturday, January 2, 2016

Haddy-isms & Carlie-isms

It's been a while since I've updated with the hilariously funny things that our girls have done and said over the past few months... ENJOY!


Me (while driving): I can't safely look back there and at the road
Carlie: Well, you could if you had two faces!

"I'm am" (as in, "I'm am pretending to be a cat," or "I'm am three years old")

After hearing a commercial on the TV: "Can you put 'Push it Real Good!' on my iPod?

"How in the whole wide world did that get in my ear?"

"You know why I don't like motorcycles? They're stinky & loud, that's why I don't like motorcycles!"

"I saw an echo on the TV; it was green."

After watching Daddy take Hadley out of the car through the window a 'la Daisy Duke: "Daddy! Can you lift me out the window like Donald Duke, too?"

Me: You really should start using the potty, Carlie.  You don't want to be the odd man out at preschool!
Carlie: I'm not a man! I'm a yay-dee (lady!)!

Carlie: I love you $8 to the moon and back! (this has always been her response, ever since I started asking '"how much" do you love me?')
Me: How much do you love Daddy?
Carlie: 101.1 MoreFM to the moon and back (I think we've been listening to the Christmas station on the radio a bit too much!)

That time Carlie cried for half an hour because Hadley drank all of her pretend chocolate milk!

Instead of 'with angelic hosts proclaim,' the girls sing, 'with the jelly lemonade!'


"Guess what? When I woke up, my eyes were already open!"

"Carlie, you're so freaking silly!"

While discussing how Riley felt while experiencing all of the different emotions on 'Inside Out': "Anger made Riley angry, Disgust made her disgusted, Joy made Riley happy, Sadness made her sad, and Fear made her fearious."

After teaching Hadley the meaning of the saying, "beating the dead horse,": Mommy.... Carlie won't leave me alone, she's eating the dead horse!

**fart** "yes, that really came out of my sweet little tushie!"

"God has the power!"

Me: UGH! This blanket needs to be washed, it smells like vomit!
Haddy (while handing the blanket to her daddy to be washed): Daddy, Mommy said this blanket needs to be washed; it smells like an omelet!

While explaining selfies to Carlie, Hadley told her that they're called 'selfies' because you take them on a self-phone.

Instead of 'with angelic hosts proclaim,' the girls sing, 'with the jelly lemonade!'

Monday, November 2, 2015

Carlie is Three and a Half!

Time is just flying by at a crazy pace...I meant to do a quarter-year update on Carlie, but I don't know where the time went! Our baby girl is definitely not a baby anymore! Carlie is now THREE AND A HALF!

Overall, Carlie is a very sweet little girl who loves to sing and get lost in her imaginative play. She loves, loves, loves to have her sister as a playmate, but she also has no problems playing alone with her babies, kitchen, magnet blocks, dollhouse, or Paw Patrol characters. Carlie also enjoys playing all sorts of games...Go Fish, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Snail's Pace Race, Memory, Bingo, etc.

Carlie now recognizes almost all of her capital and lower-case letters, as well as all numbers 0-12. She can also count to 30, but has a tendency to skip over 16 most of the time! She's also getting really good at using the /f/ sound at the beginning of her words, which was one that she has been struggling with, so we are really proud at how hard she is working at it!

Despite trying probably 3 more times since our last update, Carlie is still not potty trained. She has shown many times over that she has complete control of the functions, but for whatever reason, she just has this crazy fear of letting it go on the potty. We've just decided to back off for a while again see what happens in another couple of months.

Right now, Carlie is about 38" tall and weighs about 32 pounds! She wears size 7-8 shoes & mostly 4T clothing. She has become a bit opinionated of her clothing now & will insist upon dresses and skirts going down past her knees or she will. not. wear. them! It makes dressing her for school & getting out the door a challenge sometimes!

Carlie loves going to preschool (and lunch bunch!) & has definitely been showing signs of growth in the two months since she's started. Although still shy, she definitely doesn't take as long to open up & seems to be slowly making friends with other kids in her class. She also LOVES dance class & I love to watch the bond grow as Haddy takes Carlie under her wing in dance class and really looks out for her.  It warms my heart so much.  I can't wait to see what the next months will bring!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Carlie is THREE!

Our Carlie-bug is THREE now and what a sweet & sassy little girl she is!

Carlie rang in her third year in style with two birthday parties (one a month early on Easter Day & the other on her actual birthday!) celebrated with family.

Since our last update, Carlie participated in an eight-week Toddler Time transitional preschool program. She loved her teachers and loved going to school! We were so proud of her marching in on her first day on her own & never looking back - no tears for our little girl! Her teachers thought she was just the cutest thing & they loved that half the time when they asked her a question, she would meow-out her answer! Why were we not surprised to hear that?

Carlie's first day of Toddler Time

Carlie's first day of Toddler Time

Carlie playing before her first day of Toddler Time
Carlie with Miss Lisa on her last day of Toddler Time

Carlie with Miss Becky on her last day of Toddler Time

Carlie did an awesome job at her 3-year well-visit - she stepped right up on the scale & let them take her blood pressure. She was pleasant for the doctor and nurse & at the end, Carlie even asked me why she didn't get a shot! She measured in right at the 50th percentile for height and weight at 30lb and 36.5 inches (that's up 3" and 3lb from last year!).

Carlie also experienced her first dentist appointment just after her third birthday! She was a rock-star; she climbed right up onto the chair, let them count her teeth, clean her teeth with the "tickle toothbrush," and take some pictures inside with their fun little camera!

Carlie loved the fish tank in the waiting room!
Rockin' her shades
Counting teeth - 20!
Rinse & spit!

Movie Star!
Open wide like a lion

Say cheese! No cavities!

Carlie no longer uses a booster seat at the table, preferring to kneel if she isn't quite tall enough! She loves to say she can do all of those big-girl things that her sister does...except the potty. Despite our best attempts (several times!), she has firmly dug her heels on that one. Her day will come soon enough, I suppose! This mama's just in a panic, fearing we won't get to start preschool in the fall!

Carlie's favorite things:
-dance class
-playing "kitties and puppies" with Hadley
-Paw Patrol & Wallykazam!
-going for stroller walks
-going to the playground
-running through the flower sprinkler
-naps (thank goodness for a good napper!)
-taking pictures with Mommy's camera
-dressing up

Carlie's least favorite things:
-using the potty

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carlie is 2.75

Carlie is now rapidly approaching her third birthday - time is just simply flying by! I just love watching her personality develop!

Carlie has grown about 3/4" from her half-birthday (so 36.75") and weighs around 28.5 pounds. She is wearing mostly size 3T clothes & size 6 shoes. We made a brief attempt at potty training and even though we do think she's ready, SHE doesn't think she's ready & appears to be too scared to use the potty (she held her pee for 10 hours the first day!), so we decided to back off & try again in another month or so!

Since our last update, Carlie has gotten rid of her pacifier for sleeping & has also transitioned to a big girl bed! It was a crazy couple of nights, but overall, she did a really great job (though she STILL wakes through the night most nights crying for someone to "cover me up!").

In less than a month, Carlie will be starting her Toddler Time transitional preschool class once a week! I think she's really excited & I'm happy for that - with her being our shy little kitten, I have been worried about how school would go for her (even though she does great in dance class & really loves it). I'm sure it helps seeing how much Hadley enjoys going to school, too.

Carlie's Favorite Things:
- Macaroni & cheese
- Bacon
- Kitties (yep, still loves them, though I don't think she actually thinks she IS one anymore)
- Paw Patrol/pretending to be Skye
- Playing Frozen Go Fish
- Arts & Crafts
- Singing
- Reciting her phone number
- Magna-tiles
- Learning her alphabet (she knows many of her letters and continues to learn more (along with the sounds) each day!)
- Dress up
- Pretend/imaginative play

Things Carlie Does Not Like:
- Going to bed/nap
- Taking baths (this comes and goes)